Conditions of Cilek warranty

1-      If products use under the conditions of warranty booklet and the product installation is done by forestmobl assembling team, the quality of products guaranteed for 1 year.

2-      Defects which occurred under these conditions can't include the warranty :

-          The defects which occurred because of the wrong use of products.

-          Cleaning products with other substances except water, soap and linden napkins. 

-          Placing heavy and hot objects on products.

-          Scratching sharpen objects on products.

-          Inappropriate transportation and assembly products by unprofessional persons.

-          Damages which occurred because of the natural disasters like earthquake, flood and etc.

3-      Electrical appliances and accessories can't include the warranty.

4-      If there is no possibility for repairing products and after sales services expert s and technicians confirm it, the product will be changed.

5-      The time of supplying spare parts after informing the receipt number, will be proportional to the time of supplying goods.

6-      The information which contains this warranty booklet should be clear and without any scratch so any problems with this booklet cause to dispense this warranty.

7-      For the use of after sales services, please pay attention to maintaining the warranty and purchase contract.


This guarantee is used for all products, under name of Forestmobl for 1 year warranty and 3 years after sales services.

1.       warranty items will be consist of repairing costs and services which are related to manufacturing, instruments and fitting which faced with problems during the usage.

2.       Glass, electrical elements and textiles which used in product couldn’t include the warranty.

3.       If our organization determine that the problem in damaged product  caused by unusual  cases ( inappropriate usage by purchaser , washing, falling product from height, transport by unprofessional persons, placing product out of standard environmental conditions, natural disasters like earthquake, flood ,… ) couldn’t conclude the warranty.

4.       If your warranty booklet is incomplete or you miss it, please contact to CRM department.

5.       Because of unpredictable reasons, the time of repairing may be longer.

6.       After the first service, repaired parts will be warrantied for 3 month and the other parts will be consisting of the mentioned time in booklet.

7.       Damaged parts will be delivered to our experts in Engineering, Research and Development department.

8.       After warranty time, during the period of 3years after sales services, all the services will be done by related fees.