From Past to Today


NILL’S focused on global success in the field of wood sculpting and painting in 2006 by the accumulation of experience, creativity and design that have been building up since 1960s.

Nill’s has given more thought into R&D studies in order to manifacture furniture in accordance with needs and expectations and in 2007, it had its first product launch at IMOB fair.

Brand which gained much appreciation via its quality and design, also won the hearts and trust of consumers and grew day by day.

Brand started making seater, chairs and such decorative furniture in 2008 and panel furniture production in 2011 and also won many awards.

Nill’s, which produces within a modern facility decorated with high-tech machine track at a field wider than 18.000m2 in İnegöl, meets with consumers at 61 points of the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

For Nill’s, the knowledge of needs and expectations comes from constant research, following technology, being innovative and hardworking. What makes success unique and valuable is the quality of work.

In short, Nill’s designs quality and adds value to living spaces.